A la carte

 The Restaurant Albert 1er is closed every Tuesday at lunch time,
Wednesday all day and Thursday at lunch time




Roasted  Dublin bay prawn with verbena dressing
and in tartar with black and pink radishes.

 55 €

"Foie gras de canard" served in two ways:
-  in a “ballotine” with quince jelly and apple chutney.
-   sautéed with mango et passion fruit caramel.

62 €
* Choice of one service of "foie gras de canard"50 €

Farm egg cooked at 62 °c, parboiled morels, mushroom emulsion,
chips of smoked foie gras on a tartine.

50 €

Robert Blanc green asparagus with black truffle, green herb pasta and parmesan.

60 €



Red mullet fillets, potatoes cooked in a saffron broth, preserved tomato,
fennel, olives, “rouille” and croutons.

62 €

John-Dory fillet, citron, tonka bean, turnips and hollandaise sauce.

     68 €

Sole fillet in a light walnut crust, Robert Blanc green asparagus,
morels and Château Chalon wine sauce.

68 €

Brittany lobster served in two different ways:
           -  Yuzu fruit, avocado, grapefruit and Nepalese pepper 
           -  Roasted coral butter and stuffed potato with coral butter.


90 €

Choice of one service of lobster (1/2 lobster)59 €




Roasted Aveyron veal chop, Robert Blanc green asparagus and soufflé potatoes.

65 €

Cut of Wagyu beef, potatoes, country bacon and Reblochon.

68 €

Bresse chicken breast poached, black truffle under the skin,
simmered vegetables and black truffle.

64€ / pers

"Perle de la Dombes" duck lacquered in an orange crust,
stewed leg, almond, coriander and lemon preserve.

 60 €

Spit roasted leg of Pyrenees lamb,piquillo pepper  with shoulder stuffing,
Piedmont coco beans . ( 2 pers)


Trolley with a choice of fresh and mature French and Italian cheeses.



Dessert trolley with a choice of pastries, fresh fruit, homemade sorbets and ice cream.



Warm Charteuse soufflé:
     - Warm green Charteuse soufflé with homemade Chartreuse ice cream.
     - Warm yellow Charteuse soufflé with home made liquorice ice cream.


«Carupono pure plantation» chocolate cake, praline heart and smoked milk  ice cream.


Menton lemon soufflé served in a lemon shell, bergamot ice cream  and Maltese biscuit.


The earliest strawberries "gariguette" in profiteroles,mascarpone cream,
jelly with Mondeuse and spices,warm strawberries juice.


** Please do not hesitate to contact us for menu propositions for group bookings.

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